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Predict the Top Ten


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So we have 21 names left. 11 of them won't be in the Top Ten. So which of these guys make it in the Top Ten?


1. Arn Anderson
2. Bret Hart
3. Daniel Bryan
4. Eddie Guerrero
5. Genichiro Tenryu
6. Jerry Lawler
7. Jumbo Tsuruta
8. Jushin Liger
9. Kenta Kobashi
10. Mitsuharu Misawa
11. Nick Bockwinkel
12. Randy Savage
13. Rey Mysterio Jr.
14. Ric Flair
15. Ricky Steamboat
16. Stan Hansen
17. Steven Regal
18. Tatsumi Fujinami
19. Terry Funk
20. Toshiaki Kawada
21. Vader
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There is a thread for this already

And the generous guy who started it is giving the winner (if there is one) $10.



The winner should get a comp set of their choice from the thread starter... Although I would suspect the topic starter would just give out Jerry Lawler comps to further prove his thesis that Lawler is the greatest ever.


My predictions for the purpose of this contest, not how I want the Top Ten to shake out, since my #1 has already been revealed as finishing 22:


1. Flair

2. Hansen

3. Funk

4. Misawa

5. Daniel Bryan

6. Kobashi

7. Lawler

8. Liger

9. Mysterio

10. Kawada

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