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WWE TV 04/15 - 04/21: Superstar Shakeup but the real Shakeup is a country who arrests and beats up its teachers


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59 minutes ago, Captain Redneck said:

Question, what are these titles about?

Overall political situation in Brazil, my dude. Usually I make reference to recent news.


29 minutes ago, Coffey said:

I hope they put Roman with The Usos, bring in Jacob Fatu and have the Samoans dominate everyone. :D

Would certainly be more entertaining to me than another Seth Rollins main event run & trying to use fucking Sami Sayn. 

You might be on to something. I've seen people hype him and based on looks alone he's dope as fuck.

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2 hours ago, C.S. said:

Just a friendly reminder...


Can you imagine if Bray Wyatt's new gimmick is having a buzzard puppet who spouts IRS-like advice?


22 minutes ago, El-P said:

If you had not made the thread before, I would have totally made one myself with "Notre-Dame is burning". :( 

I'm so sorry about this, bubba. We recently went through something similar (albeit not as huge a landmark as the Notre-Dame, but still), so I totally get how it must be for you.

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36 minutes ago, KawadaSmile said:

I'm so sorry about this, bubba. We recently went through something similar (albeit not as huge a landmark as the Notre-Dame, but still), so I totally get how it must be for you.

Yeah, when I was living in Paris it was one of my favourite place. It's just... surreal...

Anyway, so Bray's new gimmick is Rocco ?

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Visited Notre Dame three times in the past. Happy memories. Today is indeed surreal. This will come off as a mere platitude, but I am glad no loss of life is being reported, and that the fire was supposedly caused by an accident, rather than malice.

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If the crowd reaction is there to support it (and only if), then I'd actually be on board to see what a Bray babyface run would look like. I actually think a program with this heel version of Bryan could be interesting to witness.

Injuries and circumstances caused them to miss the boat on it before. And then I think the crowd would've bought it again during that period with the Orton tag team.

It seems a bit rash to write him off completely just yet. I mean, I totally get people being tired of his routine and the typical, nonsensical dialogue. But the guy's delivery can be commanding - he just needs the material to match. He needs guidance & direction to talk up tangible issues.

I still feel like he has untapped potential, and a babyface run could be what draws that out.

They've invested a lot of time, energy, and resources into developing Bray as a top tier guy. I don't know if you totally toss out that kind of investment without giving it a shot.

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For sure Bray has time. He's 31 and, I could be way wrong (probably am), but hasn't his time off-screen had more to do with "creative re-tinkering" than injuries? I know nothing in wrestling feels good or is 100% safe, but its not like he wrestled a thousand death matches before coming to WWE. In a nutshell, he's young, his style is more character-based than "movez" and crazy spots, and, like Kane, it might boggle your mind and mine, but for some reason, there is a segment of the fan base who thinks he'd be a huge star "if they let him" (read: treat him like a real cult leader out of a Rob Zombie movie). 

There's also the added thing where, the more wrestling I watch, the more I've come around to the idea that the "sweet spot" for a wrestler is closer to 35 than 25. There are always prodigies who were great in their 20s and kept getting better (Rey, Daniel Bryan), but then I look at guys like Mark Henry (his bad years were bad) and Christian (a good wrestler in his 20s, a top 10 worker in the company when he came back at age 35) and even Austin (a solid technical wrestler when he was 28, but the biggest wrestling star on the planet at 34). I'm sure others can point out even better examples. 

Plus Bray being off/on TV has shown us that some way, some how someone knows what "restraint" means when it comes to exposing him on TV. Wyatt would've needed repackaging years ago if they hadn't given him as many hiatuses (hiati?). The gimmick is obviously in need of repair, but it could be far, far worse. I was at the Money in the Bank PPV in Columbus some years back and Bray made one of his many (ultimately failed) returns there and the crowd desperately wanted to see him steal the briefcase. I'm not even sure why he didn't. The entrance is still over too. A babyface should be a no-brainer at this point.


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8 minutes ago, C.S. said:

So, is there really a dramatic difference between French French and Canadian French?

The Simpsons is another outfit that has separate French dubs, and I doubt it's just them and WWE, either. It may not be more than the difference between American and British English but it's clearly enough that mass media accounts for it.

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