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  1. Charles (Loss)


    I say all of that as someone who hated his promos with a passion because they didn't make sense and I think people tuned out when he was talking. They mostly sounded like lyrics to Creed songs and were overwritten.
  2. Charles (Loss)


    Bray Wyatt would work better under a booker like Dusty Rhodes (who conceived the gimmick with Rob Naylor) who tended to treat the entire promotion as two schools of thought with overlapping rivalries and promos featuring guys talking about other people's programs instead of a bunch of feuds separated into neat silos, which is always what WWE/WWF has been. What good is a cult leader who isn't converting new people semi-regularly? Even thinking back to WCW, there's no reason to think he wouldn't have been a bigger star than, say, Raven, who consistently brainwashed and recruited new members to the Flock. I would like to see Bray Wyatt presented by someone like Kevin Sullivan, who could simply book him like he used to book himself. Lord knows the company isn't filled with directionless low-level talent, which is really all that's needed to execute that.
  3. Charles (Loss)


    My point was that this is an opening match act. There was a time when they saw Bray Wyatt as a future Dusty-like babyface and were just waiting for the right time to make that run happen. This now feels like a gimmick that has run its course.
  4. Charles (Loss)


    Remember when Bray Wyatt seemed like a guy that they were banking on to be a future star? Feuding with John Cena, Daniel Bryan, Roman Reigns, and Undertaker ... to this.
  5. I think what it comes down to is that if Hogan is talking in public, he's working. He doesn't "shoot". It's not in him.
  6. Brotherhood? Wrestling has always been a cutthroat business. I don't get it.
  7. Charles (Loss)

    Any questions I should ask Jerry Jarrett?

    Interview is up! http://bookingmemphis.libsyn.com/episode-10-jerry-talks-paul-heyman-randy-savage-aj-styles-and-being-asked-by-wcw-management-to-choose-between-russo-and-bischoff
  8. Charles (Loss)


    I'm genuinely shocked Orton isn't in that match. I think somewhere along the way, I just started assuming that he was because why wouldn't he be? That makes it puzzling why they didn't hold off on the turn until after Summerslam after teaming them in makeshift tags for a few weeks or something.
  9. Charles (Loss)

    Dave Meltzer stuff

    Gender pay equity is an interesting thing to think about. I wonder if Charlotte Flair, who is in a higher relative position than Seth Rollins or Finn Balor, actually makes more money than they do. I wonder if Sasha Banks makes more than Cesaro or Sheamus.
  10. Charles (Loss)


    You never know, but I'm expecting Charlotte to win the title, but somehow turn or take steps toward a turn with the finish. We shall see. I'm also expecting Rousey to beat Alexa and then no more title changes until Wrestlemania barring injury or something else unexpected. Other Summerslam thoughts/predictions: - Miz really needs to win at Summerslam, especially if this feud is going to continue. And it should continue. I have no problem with Miz doing something underhanded to win and Bryan snapping post-match and having to be pulled off of him while he has the heel hook on. Seems like the way to go. Plus, if Bryan is gone from WWE, he's putting over the right guy on the way out. If he doesn't re-sign, I don't know if a post-match angle is a good idea. - I like Dave's idea for Brock/Reigns, that they go in with two ideas for how to work the match. If the crowd is determined to crap on it, Roman should get all the offense and win in 3 minutes just so they get it over with. If the crowd is at least partially receptive to a 15-minute match, they should give them one. I personally wish they'd saved the Heyman thing for the finish or a tease of a finish at Summerslam instead of resolving it the week before, but that's not a big qualm. - I think it's time for Harper and Rowan to drop the titles and maybe be repackaged yet again or split up. Despite a hard push for several months, they still aren't over at all and I don't know why, but Harper hasn't really stood out as being great in an exciting way in a long time. - Joe-Styles is tough to call because I do think it's time for AJ to drop the title just for the sake of freshening things up, but I don't know if Joe should be the champion. I like his work and his promos, as always, but it still seems like the right time to shoot him to the moon was the Lesnar feud, and this is a make-good. - Braun should lose the briefcase on a technicality of some kind since a cash-in is more of a thing for upper-midcard transitional champ heels. Hope that's short and that Owens stays away from the Summerslam main event, though. They've killed Owens to the point that I wouldn't mind him attempting to cash in, failing, and then disappearing for a few months. It touches on a problem with Strowman feuds where he needs to eat the other guy alive, but ends up killing off whatever they have in the process. - I don't think it matters what the finish is to Rollins-Dolph because that's an upper-card tag feud. Whoever wins I don't think will hold the title much longer. I'd expect it to go to someone other than one of these four so they can do their tags. - Rusev/Almas is one of those match-ups I wish they would avoid, because they could both use a big win right now but one of them has to lose and I do think either way, this will be a loss that hurts at least a little. - I have no idea how to go forward with Hardy/Nak/Orton. Seems like Orton will win because he's a new heel, but he also doesn't really need the win. Jeff has been put in a position to get them both over and has been beaten down way too much in all of this. I suspect Nakamura retains, which I get, but this show needs some feel-good moments where babyfaces triumph somewhere, and it's looking to be a heel-heavy show.
  11. Charles (Loss)

    Dave Meltzer stuff

    Thank you for saying what I was trying to say in a much simpler and more direct way. Your longer post also made me think. By working too hard to "make sense" of this in a way I wouldn't do for someone I don't respect as much, the end result is that what he said -- what he said -- gets downplayed. And I was contributing to that in this thread and I regret that. I think there is more to say about Dave's role in women's wrestling getting over to a Western audience, but it's a separate issue than his comments here, which are what they are and were wrong. Period. He offered a take that would be bad no matter who said it.
  12. Charles (Loss)

    1997-04-04-AJPW-Classics on Samurai TV

    All Japan Pro Wrestling Classics on Samurai TV April 4, 1997 No review yet. Ric Flair vs Jumbo Tsuruta (October 19, 1985; Tokyo, Japan) Jumbo Tsuruta vs Curt Hennig (December 4, 1985; Fukuoka, Japan) Jumbo Tsuruta vs Higo Hamaguchi (March 13, 1986; Tokyo, Japan) Real World Tag League: Shohei Baba & Dory Funk Jr. vs Stan Hansen & Ted DiBiase (December 4, 1985; Fukuoka, Japan) Bold matches are PWO recommended.
  13. Charles (Loss)


    If they're doing Charlotte-Rousey at Wrestlemania, I'd think they would need to turn Charlotte soon and they know Becky has gotten her over in that role before.