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  1. Charles (Loss)

    WWE Crown Jewel: No Girlz ALLOWED~!

    The Daniel Bryan story is a bit too complicated to summarize here and I don't want to just copy/paste from the WON, but I just wondered if anyone else read that and if so, what your thoughts were. In short, it was a big decision he made a long time ago.
  2. Charles (Loss)

    WCW's Highway to Hell

    While the viewing project is done, I'm unlocking the thread so that people can continue to engage with El-P about the posts made herein.
  3. Charles (Loss)

    WWE Crown Jewel: No Girlz ALLOWED~!

    She used the word "heinous" ... the cultish verbiage in that company never ceases to amaze me.
  4. Charles (Loss)

    WWE Crown Jewel: No Girlz ALLOWED~!

    It's an admirable stand. I admire those who do it for sure. I just don't hold it against anyone who doesn't.
  5. Charles (Loss)

    WWE Crown Jewel: No Girlz ALLOWED~!

    While I don't want to dismiss this point entirely, I will also say that I don't think this is a reasonable expectation. We all use Google and Facebook and they do horrible things. There's a good chance that your bank and my bank have directly or indirectly funded terrorism and human trafficking. We work for companies and shop at stores that probably donate to and empower terrible politicians. We buy food and cars and gasoline and healthcare and electricity in a way that empowers evil people. We likely listen to music or watch movies or appreciate art from people who have abused family members or worse. Hell, I claim to care about climate change, but I also eat beef and had two children. The point is not that to cancel WWE Network is foolish. I think it's pretty admirable and respect anyone who has the courage in their convictions to do so. However, I think to expect such action from everyone is asking too much. If we extended this logic to everything, we'd all completely disengage from each other and the world. This sounds like I'm saying we should just throw our hands up in the air, which I'm not saying at all. It's just that I think this point of view has limitations. I wish it didn't.
  6. Charles (Loss)

    Roman Reigns has leukemia

    In fairness, WWE did comment when Perro Aguayo Jr. died.
  7. Jericho said on Dave's show that he feels like he's worth just as much as Brock Lesnar and basically said he wouldn't go back for deals like he's gotten before. I think he means 3-4 matches and ten total dates a year for $5 million (or whatever Brock's deal is) or nothing.
  8. Charles (Loss)

    WWE Crown Jewel: No Girlz ALLOWED~!

    They are wrestlers and it's a dark history. I don't expect better from most of them. There are a few like Titus O'Neil, who has a reputation that means something outside of WWE, and Sami Zayn, who has been lucky twice in a row by not having to work the shows, from whom I'd expect a little more. Of those two, I'd expect Sami Zayn to take a stand most of all, especially because he could probably make close to what he's making now in WWE with an El Generico revival.
  9. While I don't want to think too much about this until it turns into an actual story, can we safely assume that WWE told Jericho that no way will he ever get a Brock Lesnar deal? (Which was what he said in an interview with Dave a little while back it would take for him to return ...)
  10. Charles (Loss)

    WWE Crown Jewel: No Girlz ALLOWED~!

    I am so sorry about the confusion from that post. I should have used the quote function, because it wasn't even meant as a response to you, but rather the previous post from aaeo_. I generally agree with what you're saying.
  11. Charles (Loss)

    WWE Crown Jewel: No Girlz ALLOWED~!

    Followed to its logical conclusion, how would that not make all WWE talk the words of people who will only say nice things? When I hear that line of reasoning, whether it's the intent or not (and I don't think it is in this case, to be clear), it's what comes to mind. If you don't like it, don't watch. If you don't watch, you can't criticize. Therefore, no one has any standing to criticize WWE, whether they watch or not.
  12. Charles (Loss)

    WWE Crown Jewel: No Girlz ALLOWED~!

    Who's worked up? It's ok to make statements about WWE that aren't positive.
  13. Charles (Loss)

    WWE Crown Jewel: No Girlz ALLOWED~!

    They booed the mention of the show toward the end, so they seemed aware. But for whatever reason, they have divorced all of this in their minds from Vince McMahon. That is the part I find fascinating.
  14. The whole thing is funny to me mainly because "they saw me as a future star right away and eventually I got there" is admittedly kinda dry. But the line about having to overcome management perceptions leans into the idea that WWE sees everyone as having no potential before they are proven wrong. (You have to wonder why they hire anyone.) Surely, at least one person in WWE history has had a run where the company sees big potential right away, then they're proven right and all is well.
  15. Charles (Loss)

    WWE Crown Jewel: No Girlz ALLOWED~!

    They are counting on short memories. In the times we live, it's probably a safe bet. No one has bothered to follow up to ask WWE the status of their Randy Orton "investigation" from just a month or so ago either.