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Proposal for 2018: Match Review Trades

Matt D

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Here's a thought I had while going through the Holiday Appreciation thread and dealing with one too many work secret santas:


My time is pretty limited right now between a relatively new baby, the other kids, and work. I don't have enough time to seriously follow Raw/Smackdown/etc. right now, let alone that and CMLL and indies and whatever else. I will again at some point (curated at least) but not now. I also don't have time to post things on Segunda Caida and, much to my dismay, I didn't have time to cruise through 1980s NJPW handhelds or other such things.


I do have time to watch a match or two a week though, but it's hard to manage that. I know myself though; it's a lot easier to do it if it's part of a project or what not. If there's just a little bit of obligation.


So I came up with this. Someone suggests a match to me. I suggest a match to them. We both write it up. Then someone else, so on and so forth. It could be something wildly outside my normal viewing (though probably not something that people would think I'd absolutely hate). Maybe nothing longer than 30 mins and it has to be something that can be viewed relatively easily (youtube, dm, certain yearbooks, certain archives, etc.). And it's not just me. Other people could pair up and keep pairing up. And this could be something we do in 2018. I'm sure there are matches people want El-P or Microstatistics or Marty or CapitalTTruth or whoever to watch. People could put out an open request to want to watch something and someone else could chime in and both people post a match review of their respective matches in the MDA.


If everyone thinks it's a terrible idea, nevermind, or even if people just want to do it with me and no one else is interested. Hell, if no one's interested in the reciprocal part of it all, I'd probably just take suggestions from people one at a time to write them up as I can. But I thought it could be a fun social thing.

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I am into the idea. I am going to keep an eye on this and think about it. My only concern is myself. I tend to get focused on something else from work or some other part of my and I check out of here for a bit. Additionally, I have another project I am involved with that may be somewhat time consuming. This - however - might help me stay a little more involved and help me expand my horizons a little bit, which I am really hoping to do a bit in 2018, without being super time consuming.


good idea!

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Very glad people are interested. I'm thinking of just giving it until the weekend, tossing everyone into a list, and randomizing it and pairing people that way to start. We could do a pilot to start and just see how it goes before figuring out whether it's weekly with me randomizing the list each time or if people can match up with each other voluntarily after the first round or what. Don't get too caught up on the Secret Santa aspect. That's just how it came to me. Everyone will know who they're partnered with for the first around of this. I know that I'd personally go and look at the person I drew and some of their previous posts to get a sense of what they might have seen/haven't, etc., if I'm not 100% familiar with them but that's just courtesy and to make it more fun. No one would be obliged. I think we'd have a central thread to keep track of who's watching what with links to the MDA matches in question.

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