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Favorite build-up promo video to a big match


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Man all these so far have been awesome and all are ones I thought of when thinking of a question like this.


My personal pick to throw in would be actually from a company I don't care for and was fairly recent but CZW's video promo to plug Onita vs Tremont. As much as it was all was a bit of a clusterf**k in the end, this promo made me really go out of my way to watch a group I really never watch so I think that's what makes great promos. This captured who these guys were, what the purpose of the match was and why it was important to see.


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Of those listed, the Survivor Series '02 first Chamber one to "Always" by Saliva is an all time favorite along with the Bryan "Monster" vid and the Taker/Shawn WM 26 "Running Up That Hill". Love those and really wish there were more of that caliber on a regular basis these days. Here's some more all time favorites of mine.


Test/Steiner "Suffocate" Unforgiven 03, did a really fantastic job at making a midcard feud come off like a huge deal.


Vince/Bret "Human" WM 26, regardless of the actual match I f'n loved the build so much and this video, really enjoyed the first half of 2010 in general.



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^ Co signed on the Cena/Orton vid. Great stuff.


Here's my two most recent favorites, both from 2016. As said before, I wish they'd nail these more often.


Reigns/HHH "Hail to the King" made this feel real big time despite the obvious outcome of it all.


MITB 2016 "Black Honey", did the best job in years at putting over how big of a deal MITB is and made this one feel real special.

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