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Wrestling New Years Resolutions <<2014 thread - No more resolutions here>>


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Do you want to watch more wrestling? Watch less wrestling? Focus on specific things? Read certain books or learn more about certain promotions or time periods? Follow current stuff more? Here are mine:


- Work with goodhelmet to finish and release the 1998 and 1999 Yearbooks, along with the 90s Errata set

- Begin counting down the top 500 matches of the 90s and post them here w/mini-reviews on each of the matches

- Watch more current wrestling and for Christ's sake, try to smile while doing so (at least once in a while)

- Become more knowledgeable of the names of wrestling moves

- Continue doing Wrestling With The Past podcasts and thinking up new topics

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Nice topic.


-- Finish the Lucha History Lessons for all hundred matches.

-- Finish watching all the available WoS footage, including revisits of workers like Zoltan Boscik who I've been unfairly harsh on in the past.

-- Keep more up to date with the pimped modern stuff as it's happening.

-- Buy those lucha DVDs I've been eyeing for a while.

-- Find a youtube channel or something to watch regularly like Matt does with Portland.

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I need to get out and see more live shows. There are so many indy shows going on in my area but I always find some excuse to pass on them. I want to support these guys and gals and see what's out there. If there's any kind of meet-up groups or anything like that in the NYC area or if anyone has some recommendations on promotions to check out I'd love to hear about them.

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I want to get to more live shows too. IWA Mid South has started up again right over the river. We keep going to my in-laws on weekends they have shows. Gotta stop doing that. The couple of OVW shows I've been to have been really fun.


I need to get my ass in gear on the Lucha set. I'm really looking forward to Portland. Don't want to hold that up.


I want to catch up on more current-ish stuff that's not WWE. It's all sitting right there on my computer begging me to watch it. I try. I really do.


Also, Greg Valentine is going to be at a flea market here this week. I neeeeed to get to that.

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Literally, in the last week I've been trying to think of ways to better properly manage my wrestling during the school semester. Here's what I've come up with:


Every day, there's four categories of wrestling that I want to at least watch one match or video of:


- Current wrestling, such as pimped matches that are nominated on WKO. (I watch Raw and SD every week so they don't count when it comes to this)

- Watch stuff for the 80s sets I'm helping with.

- Watch a match from the lucha set (I may have to start over but maybe not)

- Watch a random match, promo, or angle on YouTube, Dailymotion, etc. from any time period


If I can manage that every day I should be in pretty good shape and feel satisfied about my wrestling viewing. There are other projects I would like to work on as well:


- The best of the WWE 2000s that I've been working on off and on for two years.

- Wrestler spotlights which is when I pick a random wrestler and watch several of their matches online

- Post more on here because I want to but never think up anything good to say. Or at least I think that.

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- Become more knowledgeable of the names of wrestling moves

Oh God this is mine. I write about quite a bit of wrestling sometimes and the amount of times I either have to actually describe the move or just say '_____-thingy' is embarrassing. I've made the same 'I'm good with move names' joke while writing IDK how many times now. I couldn't even come up with words to describe the headlock where you're using your figure-four-crossed legs.

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This is a fun one.


-Finish watching the lucha set and double back well enough that I can do a ballot.

-Continue on into 1990s lucha which will all be new to me.

-Continue watching Buddy Rose/Portland and ideally write 2-3 more big essays like I did for 1979

-Write some more articles in general

-Start watching some WoS

-Maybe guest on some podcasts. It's really tough for me to get more than an hour at a time right now and I'm not a big podcast person but I feel like the odd man out on this element of our community.

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Some that come to mind:


-Start 80's Lucha set and try to watch a couple matches a week. I jumped in way too fast on AWA set to where once I finished I had no clue how to rank anything. Just need to be able to take better notes/rank stuff as I go. Those history bios by OJ will be great for when I finally watch matches.

-Set my TV/internet up so I can watch things on my TV instead of my computer. This should open me to watching more stuff.

-Watch at least one full episode of NXT

-Watch some current NJPW to see what the big deal is

-Sign up for WWE Network

-Go to at least one live show. I managed to go to two big WWE PPVs this past year but I was a bit underwhelmed by the shows itself. Thinking maybe I should try a house show this time around.

-Watch more from Portland

-Catch up on my WWE Blu Ray/DVDs

-Create better catalog of the stuff I own

-Continue to watch Yearbooks

-Work through other 80's stuff such as Memphis and Texas

-Figure out how to listen to podcasts more as I'm falling behind on Titans and lots other shows out there I want to listen to

-Jerry Lawler

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-get done more AWA Year in Review sets (1980, 81, and 83 specifically. I'll be lucky to get one of them done)

-Do more AWA wrestler comps (finish Verne's, do a Gagne-Brunzell one, maybe a chronological Nick one...there are others but getting one done properly is likely all I'll manage)

-find more AWA stuff. Some good stuff turned up this year, no reason to think more won't turn up in 2014.

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To watch less wrestling to be honest.


Although my other resolution is to finish my favourite matches and top 100 fav wrestler lists which will require me to watch Mid South, New Japan and the rest of NWA/WCW, which might work against my first resolution. Lucha watching will likely be a write off (again) for next year, but at least my 2015 wrestling resolution is already sorted.

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