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Best parent and child combination


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If only we had some Pepe Casas footage. Even if he was a terrible wrestler, his sons (Negro Casas, Heavy Metal, El Felino) are/were so great it almost doesn't even matter.


Verne and Greg Gagne came to mind as well. Verne of course being a total legend and Greg is one of the most underrated wrestlers ever if you listen to the narrative surrounding him instead of actually watching the dude work.

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Bob Orton, Sr./Jr. Have to be up there too. Shame we don't have more of Sr. I mean, same with Warren/Nick Bockwinkel. Or Gory Guerrero/Pick a Kid.


Really, though. The answer has to be Johnny/Greg Valentine, right? No one listed here feels all that close in ring from the footage we have.

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I'd go Dusty/Dustin right now.


Others considered

Johnny/Greg Valentine (just haven't seen enough of the old footage personally)

Ric/Charlotte Flair (needs time to sort it out)

Gory/Eddie Guerrero (Haven't seen a ton of Gory, but Eddie is a personal favorite)

Blackjack Bulligan/Barry Windham

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Ray Mendoza and Villanos II, IV and V. Mendoza looks like a beast in the match we have against Fujinami.


Perro Aguayo and Perro Aguayo Jr.

Fuerza Guerrera and Juventud Guerrera (at least in the mid-90s)

Alfonso Dantes and Apolo and Cesar Dantes

Joe Blanchard and Tully Blanchard

Warren Bockwinkel and Nick Bockwinkel

Gino Garibaldi and Leo Garibaldi

Dory Funk Sr. and Dory Jr. and Terry Funk

Dr. Wagner Sr. and Dr. Wagner Jr. and Silver King

Chavo Guerrero Sr. and Chavo Guerrero Jr.

Fritz Von Erich and his kids

Francis St. Clair Gregory and Tony and Roy St. Clair

Roy "Bull" Davis and Skull Murphy (UK version)

Jim Hussey and Mark Rocco

Billy Riley and Ernie Riley

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Dory Funk Sr. gives me the impression of Terry and Dory Jr.'s love child, and I mean that in the nicest way. Dory's look and Terry's personality. I suspect he could go in the ring, but we've only got eight minutes of footage to back that up.


Best one not yet mentioned: Rocky and Dwayne Johnson. The younger Rock is an all time great. His dad is a fringe Hall of Fame candidate in his own right.


Edit: One more, Tony and Matt Borne. Matt was very good. I've never heard anyone talk of him in higher esteem than Tony.

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